We have provided our clients various types of Entertainment services in many different venues.  We have and we can travel to any venue on this planet.

Some of our Venues include...

> Cancun (Now Sapphire)

​> Long Island Marriot

> Huntington Hilton

> The Ritz Carlton

> Crest Hallow Country Club

> Woodbury Country Club

> The Puk Building

> Chelsea Piers

> Houston Durga Bari, Houston, TX

> Aashiana, Houston, TX

> The Metropolitan

> Westin, Jersey City, NJ

> Diwane, Port Washington, NY

> Akbar

> Mirage

> The Royal Albert Palace

> The Meridian, Connecticut

> The Delharbor Hotel

> Hilton Boston, Boston, MA

> The TAJ Hotel

> NanKing Restaurants

> Aashirwaad Palace

​And So Much More....